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Using the most advanced software and manufacturing techniques in the world, our brand new 2+ football field long, state of the art manufacturing facility combines our incredible R&D with extensive dynamometer testing to assure maximum power across the power curve for any product we develop. Micron engineers fabricate not only the highest quality products available in the exhaust world, but also some of the most unique and beautiful products available anywhere.

Micron offers full systems and slip-ons for a vast array of the high performance sportbike and cruiser motorcycles, many of them with features not seen on any competitors products. Extensive color options and use of standard and "high" mount exhausts for the sportbikes allows for many different looks and styles for our customers, making your machine as unique as the individual who rides it. Our cruiser exhausts offer features and benefits which when combined, make for easy modification of your torque monster into a ride as stylized as the rider demands, while still maintaining the quality and finish of your OEM machine.

Compare materials, construction and options, and you will find that although most products look the same coming across the parts counter when new, 6 months or a year from now there is a huge difference in what works, and what does not. We at Micron think that our quarter century of high performance and high quality experience will come through and demonstrate that Micron has no competitors in the exhaust business, only imitators.